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Brand Name:Mr. Juice
Model Number:VS1
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Delivery Time:45days
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union

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Guangzhou Guangdong China
Адрес: No.11,Zone A,zhongcun industry park,zhongcun Town,Panyu distict ,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China
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If you want to get more information please sent email to me, my name is Senia Wong, email is outlook email.TKS.
If you want to get more information please sent email to me, my name is Senia Wong, email is outlook email.TKS.
If you want to get more information please sent email to me, my name is Senia Wong, email is outlook email.TKS.

Products Orange Apple Sugarcane fresh juice vending machine manufacture

Mr. Juice is an unrivalled symbol of superior quality and 100% natural health products.

Product feature

Using food grade material as the mechanical technology of the internal structure ensures maximum safety, hygiene and durability.

VS1 Multi-Function blend Juice takes you enjoy 100% fresh juice anytime and anywhere,only a few tens of seconds

Technical parameters


Sugarcane:50-60 cups

Orange storage

Sugarcane: 30-35 KG

Machine weight


Max output power

Rated power




W990*D850*H1860 MM


240V-110V, 50-60Hz


min 5 degree inside

Payment system

banknotes, Wechat, Alipay

Cleaning system

automatic cleaning systems

Product feature

1.Transparency: the press system is clearly visible through the large window.

2.Sealing structure: the machine seal structure is firm, using high-strength double-layer, tempered glass window.

3.Real-time monitoring: the body is spread over the sensor, remote monitoring and testing equipment movement, sales and inventory.

4.Packaging method: Plastic sealing system

Technical principle

1.Unique extrusion system, global patent protection, the purest, the high quality juice.

2.Unique technology separating the bitter from orange peel.

3.Maximum juice yield.

4.Convenient managing, time saving.

5.Hygienic and convenient cleaning.

Core advantage

A.European hygiene technology and concept.

1.Intelligent cleaning system: BYO intelligent cleaning system. Three modes: Timing (eg. Fixed automatic cleaning at 8 o'clock every morning ), Fixed time (eg. Automatic cleaning every two hours), Fixed cups (eg. Automatic cleaning for every 20cups )

2.Ozone disinfection system: Equipped with Ozone generator sterilize any time.

3.Replaceable squeezing components: Convenient to replace. Centralized cleaning and disinfection.

4.Refreshing at a constant temperature of 5 degree: Low temperature keep fresh, keep nutritional components avoid bacterial breeding.

B.Transparent process, visible health.

1.Full transparent glass window : whether oranges good or bad, clean or not, can be see.

2.Direct display work process: fall oranges, cut oranges.

3.Entertainment and education integration: Mechanical display impress for child.

C.More advantage

1.Separation flesh and peel : Originality technology, better taste.

2.Whole process intelligent monitoring: Machine malfunction intelligent alarm system, real time transport sales data, remote control equipment components.

3.100% Pure orange juice: The original ecology health, keep alimentation.

4.High quality and food safety standard.

D.Vending machine management system

1.Machine management - All machines, Stockout machines, Faulty machines, Unallocated machines, Replenishment machines

2.User Management - Account List, Member List

3.Commodity Management - Commodity List

4.Sales Management - Non-cash details, Order statistics, Sales share, Cash details, Selling goods details, Cash withdrawals and transfer

5.Record center -- Installation and debugging record, Replenishment record, Operation log record, Coupon list, User coupon, User feedback

6.System configuration -- Role management, Authority management, sim card Management, Renewal setting, Sharing setting, Internationalization management

7.Equipment renewal -- Equipment renewal

8.Value-added services - Membership card, Recharge record, Overhead card record

Contact information: more products information please sent email to me. TKS.

Overseas sales representative: Senia Wong

Mobile Phone: 0086 13432582312

E-mail: seniawong AT outlook.com

Website: www.cxjuicer.com

we are Orange Apple Sugarcane fresh juice vending machine manufacture in China.

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